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Payment Terms & Conditions
  •  Our payment terms are strictly upfront upon order confirmation. We cannot dispatch any items without payment.
  • We accept payments in Kenya Shillings.
  • Payments methods accepted are banker's cheques ( which must clear with our bank first ) or bank transfer to our account.
  • Upon payment being received and cleared, we shall process your order and arrange delivery.
  • All paid orders will be issued with an proper invoice/receipt and an ETR Tax receipt.
  • For online ordering, your order number will be printed on the receipts.
  • Orders cannot be reversed nor amounts refunded.
  • We reserve the right to accept or decline orders or payments.
  • To avoid any payment fraud, please ensure you follow up with us on payment submitted by calling our contact numbers listed in " home page". Never send cash nor provide your credit card numbers nor provide personal information to anyone purporting to being our " representative ", " agent ", " partner" etc. We do not provide such services nor will we accept any liability whatsoever for such transactions . If in doubt always contact us for clarity on any query.
  • For corporate clients, we have a credit approval form and policy which must be completed by the client and approved by us. An additonal charge of 3% of product sale amount will be charged for goods purchased on credit terms. Call us for further details or send an email to with a subject line " credit approval form ".


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